Belief in the Globe is More Emotional Than Scientific

When you debate Flat Earth for a while, you start to notice something. For many globe defenders, it’s not about NASA, or spin, or space, or curve, or anything scientific at all. People defend the globe for emotional reasons.

“This is true because my teacher taught me in third grade.”

Many have a deep emotional connection to the globe. It’s hard to relinquish. We heard it first as children, and we cling to it like children.

teacher meme 3

So next time you’re talking Flat Earth with someone, and his Cognitive D kicks into Rage Mode, remember: It’s not about you. Flat Earth threatens a deeply held belief.

We form an attachment to the globe before we can even speak; it’s pre-verbal; it’s more profound than words. It’s constantly reinforced by visuals, thousands of times by the time a person reaches adulthood. The globe transcends reason and lives in the psycho-emotional realm.

But here’s the good news: Since the globe has been established by visuals, it can also be overthrown by visuals. So we keep posting awesome memes, pictures and videos.

Be patient; be courageous, my dear flerfy friends. Stacey



  1. Fine. I will believe the Earth is flat if you tell me 7 things. (With good answers, mind you.)
    -How flat Earth was formed.
    – What pulls things to their center of mass of gravity Isn’t real
    – Why anyone would lie about Flat Earth
    – How planes fly around the globe
    – If the sun is local, how does it radiate heat? I mean, look up how the sun works and why it is so hot. It all depends on it being massive and gravity being real.
    – Why are all the other planets round, but not Earth? The planets are definitely real, so don’t deny that.
    – If the sun is local – 1 what moves it across the sky?
    -2 Why doesn’t it become a giant ring around the Earth? Look up how Saturn got it’s rings.

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