Flat Earth Glossary

Flat earth glossary of terms

Aether: Substance through which starlight moves
Airy’s Failure:
Experiment that proves starlight moves, not the telescope
Path of the sun, varies throughout the year
Antarctica Treaty:
Treaty signed by 53 nations that prevents ownership & settlement of Antarctica
Asterism: Well-known part of a larger constellation, e.g. Big Dipper
Astronot: A Freemason who pretends to go to space
Bedford Level: Experiment that proved no curve in 6 miles of canal
Buoyancy: Ability or tendency of object to float in a medium, upthrust
Cavendish: Experiment where supposedly one ball attracted another
Cognitive Dissonance: Irrational reaction to a challenge of beliefs
Convergence: Line at which two parallel planes appear to meet, see also horizon
Coriolis Effect: Myth about earth’s movement, or something
Density: Degree of compactness of a substance, measured by consistency of mass per unit volume
The Dome: Glasslike structure over our realm. See also Firmament
FE: Flat Earth
Firmament: Transparent impenetrable structure over our realm
Fisheye lens: Wide-angle lens that creates appearance of curvature on flat horizon
flerf: Flat Earther
Foucalt’s Pendulum: Pendulum that allegedly moves because of Earth’s rotation; actually it moves according to the force acted on it
Geocentric: Model in which Earth is the center of the cosmos
Glober, Globey, Globehead, Globularist: One who defends the globe
Gravity: Unproven theory of mass attracting mass
Heliocentric: Sun-centered model
Horizon: Line at which earth and sky appear to meet, always a straight line and always rises to eye level. See also Convergence
Illuminati, Freemasons: Secret Societies in which membership is required for the elite in every sector of society
Kubrick: Director of the moon landings
Level: Horizontal plane or line
Michelson-Gale: Experiment that proves existence of aether
Michelson-Morley: Experiment that proves lack of aether-wind (no movement of Earth)
Operation Dominic/ Fishbowl: NASA tests the limits of the dome
Operation High Jump: Exploration of Antarctica
Polaris: Star that levitates over magnetic north, The North Star
RE: Round Earth
shill: one who is paid to defend the globe and/or troll Flat Earthers
Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Royals: Any of the 13 families that control all the wealth and power in the world
Selenelion: When sun & moon appear simultaneously during a lunar eclipse
Sextant: Mariners’ Navigational tool that debunks globe earth
Southern Cross: Asterism visible from Southern latitudes year-long
Star trails: Movement of stars that prove flat earth
troll: n. insincere joker, not looking for honest debate
troll: v. to post dishonest comments for comedic value
Vanishing Point: formed where two parallel lines appear to converge
Woke: Aware of the various deceptions perpetrated by the elite on the people
Woke Lite: One who believes part of the truth, but not all, e.g., believes 9/11 was an inside job, but the moon landings were real.


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