Let’s Talk about Satellites!

Globers find it ironic that we use cell phones to post Flat Earth memes…and these devices prove Earth is a globe! But do they really?

They don’t. Satellites are a hoax. If satellites were orbiting the earth, it would look like this:

satellites junk

Are there thousands of satellites in orbit?

We have no real photos of satellites in orbit. Of the thousands of satellites supposedly orbiting the earth, we should catch one in a photo every now and then, especially when we’re taking pictures of the moon or distant objects. But we never see pictures of satellites. Aside from fake photos,  we never see photos of satellites in orbit.

What about the ISS?

The ISS (International Space Station) is not real. Something the size of a football field 250 miles in the air would not be visible from earth. And it allegedly travels 17,000—ten times the speed of a bullet. So all photos of the ISS are fake, and photos and videos taken from inside the ISS are filmed in a studio or in a Zero Gravity plane. There are no exceptions to this. The ISS exists to fool gullible people.

But if satellites are fake, how does GPS work?

GPS works by tower triangulation. That’s why it doesn’t work well in rural areas or in the ocean. Lack of towers = poor triangulation.

cell triangle

How is data transferred then?

Undersea cables transfer data, according to this article from Newsweek, which is not a Flat Earth publication.

portrait cables newsweek
If satellites transmit data, why so many cables?

What about images from Google Earth?

Since the 1940s, airplanes have been used for aerial photography. This is still true today.

Aerial RAF and Luftwaffe photos via getmapping.com

What about the satellite dish at my house?

Many FEs have pointed out that these dishes always point sideways, or at 45° angles. Why? Because they’re not receiving a signal from a satellite!

satellite dishes
Photo via eve@eveandersson.com

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  1. We can’t see satellites because of the illumination of the Earth, their size relative to Earth, and their distance from Earth.

    1. we can’t see satellites because they don’t exist – if it smells like an orange, its not a bannana.

    2. We can see satellites with the naked eye. It’s easier with binoculars though. The ISS is really easy for anybody to see. So what are you people on about?

  2. gps signal comes from CORS station. some CORS stations are installed on cellular towers, but the technology is different from the triangulation of cellular tower .
    gps signals in the oceans come from buoys, all weather buoys, RAMA buoys, tsunami buoys, echo sounder buoys, and others buoy emit gps signals.

    satellite communication such as geo satellites use virtual antenna in space attached to the earth’s magnetic lines. please search for a patent artificial plasma, and a virtual antenna patent. This virtual antenna is made from Barium or Strontium materials released by satellite launch rockets. please search for barium / strontium ionization process using radio signal or using alfven waves formula.

    all cgi satellites are hoaxes, but we have to find out the real satellite on this flat earth…

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