Nothing Ever Goes to Space

This is a guest post by @rokro11. Find him on Twitter.

The Soviet Union was able to launch Sputnik 1 into orbit On October 4, 1957.  The United States couldn’t afford to allow another nation to be the first to land a man on the moon. Being the leader of the space race was a matter of pride for our nation.

On July 29, 1958 NASA was established with a yearly budget of $58,000,000.  That budget climbed yearly and NASA’s budget for 2018 is $20,736,000,000 – or $52 million per day!

On July 16,1969, NASA launched Apollo 11 to space with the moon being its destination. The Apollo 11 was equipped with five F-1 rocket engines.  The thrust generated from those engines totaled 7.5 million pounds.

Those 5 rocket engines had to propel 6,100,000 pounds (3,050 tons) to space.  Their plan was to do it in stages. All they had to do was get 3,050 tons to a speed of 24,200 mph to get to the moon.  It was all planned on paper by professionals.

But wait…..

Wernher von Braun said, “It is commonly believed that man will fly directly from the earth to the moon, but to do this, we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. It would have to develop sufficient speed to penetrate the atmosphere and overcome the earth’s gravity…”

Did we get to the moon?  Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin said we did – but did they really?

Surely the videos of the moon landing were real because we all saw it on television.  We even heard President Nixon make a phone call to Buzz and Neil. The videos are reviewable for those who have any uncertainty.

That’s where I get involved.  President Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.” When extraordinary claims are made, extraordinary objective verification is needed.

Nothing gets to space….  Nothing ever has, and nothing ever will get to space.  The requirements to get to space include both sufficient speed and fuel to overcome the force that keeps things on earth – more specifically, an object’s density or weight including the rocket, fuel, supplies, food, space suits, oxygen, crew, batteries, testing equipment, lunar module, and command module. None of those mentioned items contributes to propelling the rocket to space.  When all that cargo takes up space, that means there is less room for fuel.

The rocket weighed 3,050 tons.  Some of that weight will be discharged during the stages but it still falls significantly short to even make it close to space.  

The furthest a rocket can climb against its own weight while pushing through the drag of our atmosplane doesn’t allow any rockets to even get near space. Rockets go up; just far enough out of view, and then fall back down to earth every single time.

rocket nasa spacex
Rockets go up, then back down to earth every time.

Surely our government wouldn’t lie. Or would they? If getting a rocket to space is impossible, how did Buzz and Neil get to the moon?  

To be honest, no one has been to the moon. No person or vehicle has ever been to space. The mission to get to the moon, let alone space, is impossible. So how did Nasa do it? We have been lied to. I don’t know all the specifics of what Nasa did to fool the world, but they did.  How they lied is not as important as the fact that they lied.

It’s nearly impossible to objectively verify the claims of Nasa because nobody has the resources and funding of Nasa. That differentiates Nasa from regular people.  There is so much misleading and blatantly incorrect information that nobody can objectively verify their claims. Is all hope lost to find the truth? No, we must tirelessly demand objective and verifiable proof. We should verify all claims concerning rockets – especially since getting to space is impossible.

That leads me to the Civilian Space exploration team, known as CSXT.  On July 14, 2014, the CSXT team launched a rocket called GoFast. That rocket was launched from Black Rock Desert in Nevada and their claimed success can reviewed here

They claimed their rocket reached a maximum speed of 3,580 miles per hour and a height of 73.07 miles.  The launch was reviewed and certified by FAA after analysis of the data from the recovered military grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) was concluded.

How can we objectively verify their claim besides trusting the CSXT team and the review and certification by the FAA?  We can review the video of the launch and do some research to see if their claims make sense. You can see their GoFast launch video here.

While reviewing the on-board camera launch video, the heights didn’t appear accurate. Anyone who has ever been in an airplane, should realize the observation of the ground terrain in the video doesn’t look as high as claimed.

In the video, the thrust exhaust from the rocket lasts about 30 seconds. The rocket appeared to still be ascending even after the ammonia perchlorate rocket fuel had been completely exhausted.  The ascent continued for about another 30 seconds until the yo-yo de-spin mechanism was activated.

After about 10 more seconds, the top portion of the rocket separated from the lower portion.  During this time, the rocket was stabilized enough to review the landscape below. After a total of 80 seconds after the launch, the rocket started tumbling downward.  During the 20 second span between the yo-yo de-spin and the rocket’s tumble, I was able to review some still video images.

The 1st image shows a distinct white-shaped land mark. Comparing that image (inverted) to the 2nd image using Google Earth, at 2 miles high, the images appear to be the same size.

gofast guitar meme
From the GoFast rocket cam. Please note the guitar-shaped landmark in the upper right.

google gofast guitar

From Google Earth at 2 miles elevation. Please note identical landmark.

In the 3rd image a circle-crop field cluster can be seen (inverted).  The 4th image obtained from Google Earth captures that same circle-crop field cluster and it appears the same size as what appears on the rocket at 2 miles elevation.

gofast cluster meme
From the GoFast rocket cam, they claim 70 miles elevation. Please note crop cluster.
gofast google cluster meme
From Google Earth, 2 miles up. Please note same cluster.

Lastly, the 5th image from the rocket shows a white appearing land structure in the shape of a duck as in the Google map image at an elevation of 2 miles. Both structures appear the same comparable size.

gofast duck meme
From the GoFast rocket cam. Please note the duck-shaped landmark.


gofast google duck meme
From Google Earth, 2 miles up. Please note identical duck-shaped landmark.

I have no affiliation with the CSXT team or the FAA and I believe my review of the launch video is objective. I insist the GoFast rocket did not attain its claimed altitude, but did reach a confirmed height of approximately 2 miles.

The FAA may need to review and correct its certification of the 2014 CSXT rocket launch and the Wikipedia page and any other source that wrongfully claims the rocket achieved a rocket elevation of 73.07 miles.

Remember, nothing gets to space. I don’t want you to take my word for it, I want you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised (and I’m leaning towards the belief) that the US of A was *allowed* to beat the Russians. Give and take – it’s what governments do. It’s the ol’ we’ll give you “this” if you give us “that”, sorta thing.

    ***just my thoughts, as I hardly have proof, and if I did (have proof) who would believe me? ***

    1. And for the record…

      I don’t believe we went to the moon either… not using (our) current earth technology anyway.

      Too soon
      Too soon

      1. You’re welcome!! I’m pulling an all-nighter so I can complete my “coverage” of this “anomaly” as well!! I am including the link to this blog entry in the description. Also, in my vid, I hope it’s ok if I use screenshots from your blog entry and/or if I read bits of it…? 🙂

  2. Great research. Space is fairy tales for adults. Propulsion and ignition is impossible in a vacuum state. You need a medium like air and water for propulsion to work.

  3. Another reason to believe that standard altitude of commercial flights of 35,000 feet which equals approximately 7 miles up is false. They are manipulating the numbers for everything.

  4. I don’t think the google earth shots are from 2 miles up.

    The white thing (just west of Black Mountain) in the first example is ~5 miles across.
    Black mountain (just next to it is ~0.45 miles up)

    That must be a wide lens, 2 mile up, 40 mile fov…

    Why must you lie to us!?

    1. Sammy, you are completely ignored by me on twitter, and that should apply here but I will make an exception. The legend basically represents both the elevation & the ground distance all at the same time. As the height increases, the ground distance decreases proportionally. Scientific experiment proving this has been posted to twitter with attached w/photos. I will continue to posts the facts and the truth and it’s your right to ignore those facts and reality. I can’t do your thinking for you.

  5. “The google earth screen shots are in the article which indicates in the google earth legend that the elevations is 2 miles up in the bottom right hand corner. ” – guest writer’s tweet.

    This whole google earth/gofast part is useless if the guest writer thinks this is true.

    How to read a map 101.

  6. In regard to the elevation legend, some people think that is the distance line. Since the increase in height and the decrease in distance is proportionally opposite of each other, is represents both ground distance and elevation. When the elevation increases, the ground distance decreases, and this effect is a reverse proportional relationship. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I’m glad I was able to explain to you why some may be confused. Denial of the truth about the lies is rather difficult to accept for those who refuse to believe they were lied to in the first place. We are all being lied to about our flat and stationary earth were we live. (I will post some images on the twitter platform to illustrate the proportional relationship to assist those who refuse to accept the truth.)

  7. good point, but they do it for a certain purpose. they actually release Barium or Strontium materials from the rocket smoke. you can see it in every satellite launch video. This chemtrail will be used for ‘artificial plasma’ which later called as a geostationer satellite..

    1. No such as thing as satellites unless they are attached to a balloon. It’s been like that since the 60’s
      But the problem with balloons is that they eventually crash
      Google realized that so instead they purchased a fleet of drones for their mapping Google Earth software
      Why would you have recon planes if you already have satellites in space? Do you seriously believe that the financial system and the military is going to rely on a snail pace connection when you can have fiber optics at a fraction of the cost! The reality is that 99 percent of the world in connected via ground towers.
      Space technology is just a cash cow. Satellites in space is just an Arthur C Clark fairy tales. Also y the math and the physics don’t support the amount of satellites we supposedly have in space. It would mean one launch every week for the past 50 years. We just don’t have that kind of logistical infrastructure to launch that many rockets. It’s all fantasy.

  8. Go and look at the images in Google Earth of the Black Rock Desert launch area. You can see the “eye height” indicator in the lower left corner. At 73 miles “eye height” the images match up well with what the rocket photographed from that altitude. Go back to Google Earth and scroll down with the mouse wheel or the “+” key until the “eye height” is around 10,560 feet (2 miles). Then those crop irrigation circles get much larger – you can barely get three or four of them on the screen together. You can see individual cars and buildings from two miles up that are invisible at 73 miles altitude. Anyone with access to Google Earth can show you are outright lying when it comes down to it. Your opinion is your own, but don’t be surprised if you get called out for being a liar. You are just that.

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