Meme Stash: Flat Earth Facts

Memes have the power to break indoctrination, so share these early and often!

Two ships are shown on the ocean, with arrows indicating that no curvature can be found.

big dipper 4

sun stars 3sun moon triangle eclipse 2sun moon bird 5rocket fact 3moon facts 2empire state facts crop 8spin fact memeconstellations cropdelorean 3rocket fact memewater test 2

mercury venus fact cropt 2
Globe defenders have a hard time with this, so I made it as simple as possible.

sun moon triangle eclipse 2gorilla guitar ISS croptISS bullet 4


  1. These are so ludicrously bad they are funny. Some actual evidence would be nice. I see a distinct lack of calculations, references (except an 80-year-ago scientist), or even basic common sense. Please post these everywhere to show the world that there are people dumber than Trump fans or Brexiteers!

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