Lunar Eclipses

Man and woman embrace in front of moon with the words, "Lunar Eclipses"

They told us earth’s shadow causes eclipses. But that’s impossible. In order for the sun to cast a shadow on the earth, all three heavenly bodies—Earth, Sun and Moon—would have to line up in a row like three billiard balls:

billiard balls sun earth moon cropt
Sun, earth and moon would have to line up in a row.

Simple observation reveals this doesn’t happen. This explanation of eclipses relies on many assumptions, including earth being a spinning ball. More on that here.  But in this post I’d like to share one way we know for sure that the heavenly bodies don’t line up in a row.

Many times in the history of lunar eclipse observation, the sun and moon have appeared in the sky at the same time. This phenomenon is called the selenelion. If you can see the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time, the three bodies are definitely not in a row. They’re in more of a triangle configuration.sun moon triangle eclipse 2In that case, it’s impossible for the sun to cast a shadow on the moon. Some say refraction causes the sun and moon to appear simultaneously. Even the article I linked explains it away with refraction. But can you deny your own senses, and deny that the sun and the moon appear in the sky at the same time? Many of us have noticed the sun and moon together in the sky, and it happens during eclipses as well. This argument that we don’t really see the sun and moon together in the sky is consistent with globers’ insistence that we deny our own powers of observation in order to believe the standard narrative.

It doesn’t happen every time during a lunar eclipse. But if it even happened once, it would debunk the standard explanation of eclipses. And in reality, it’s happened many times.

So, if not shadows, what causes lunar eclipses? I don’t know. But the standard explanations do not suffice. Therefore, we must seek a better explanation.

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  1. Great article! The flat and stationary earth does not cast a shadow on anything. Nobody knows what causes an eclipse but one thing is for certain: If one doesn’t know what causes an eclipse, one should not guess to know what causes it by assuming.

    1. I agree, @rokro11…..I don’t know what causes eclipses but it cannot be earth’s shadow. Just like, I don’t know exactly what the earth looks like, but it cannot be a spinning ball. If it were, we would see evidence of it everywhere.

  2. Great piece!🙌 Its better to be on the quest for knowledge that’ll settle for truth, than to keep embracing the mainstream’s bombardments & pseudoscience theories that in no way match our reality.

    1. Thank you glacsixam! I agree. I trust the person who says, “I don’t know,” more than the person who repeats assumptions.

  3. How is it that total eclipse events are predictable? We are told the exact time and trajectory of them. I witnessed the one in August, 2017 and it was amazing to see the sky turn dark. I don’t believe in the globe at all. I’m just wondering if there is an explanation for this. We don’t know what causes them, so how do we know when they’re going to happen?

    1. One thing is for certain – the earth and earth’s shadow do not cause the eclipses. We don’t know what causes the eclipses, and it’s ok that we don’t. The sun and moon move in predictable movements, speeds, and patterns with precision so it’s easy to determine what was done in the past to extrapolate what will happen in the future. Apparently eclipse data is available that goes as far back as the 1400s. I think there are only a few select people who have this information Fred Espenak has the data to track future eclipses. My opinion is that he and others know the patterns and have created a database to predict eclipses. Is it because of the nasa globe model? It’s not. because the earth is not a globe.

      If you look at his eclipse site, you may notice a pattern. However, I don’t look at it enough to see a pattern there.

      1. The ancients were able to predict eclipses through their observations of the heavens. They knew earth is flat and stationary!

  4. some dude replied to me that light with the atomosphere the moon and the sun arent in the postion they appear to be lol

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