Coordinates Don’t Lie

Coordinates Don't LIe; A vintage red Volkswagen bug sits in a snowy scene.

Written by @rokro11  An image of “Antarctica” on Google Maps looks like this:

antarctica 2

Does this look like a continent at the lower edge of the earth?  It does to me.  I’m sure that’s what it looks like to everybody who looks at it.  That’s what Antarctica is supposed to look like on earth were we live.

Let’s examine how distorted this image is and what it really represents.  Because all maps need to be plotted correctly and to scale, there’s a mapping system that uses latitude/longitude coordinates to pin-point any place on earth. All we need to know are its latitude and longitude to get there.

There are many identifying locations contained within the continent people have incorrectly accepted as Antarctica.  These locations are Antarctica Stations, bases, and research facilities.  These places all have latitude/longitude coordinates attached and it’s very easy to plot their locations.  These places are scattered at the outer perimeter of our flat & stationary earth and I’ve plotted the approximate locations based on their coordinates so you can visualize our actual earth.

In total, I’ve mapped 59 places we are told are in Antarctica and the locations of these places are very revealing.  All the locations are scattered along the outer perimeter of our earth with the land masses called continents contained within the boundary of the ice barrier that surrounds earth.

map coordinates

A map with these locations has been marked out for your review and confirms an outer perimeter.  Are the coordinate locations of the continents on this map accurate?  Yes they are; however, the land masses in the center of the map are disproportionately smaller compared to the land masses going from the center outward.

For example, the approximate width of the United States is 3,000 miles, and so is Australia. Australia looks wider on the map than the United States.  That’s because in order to match the coordinates with the map, the further from the center, the distances and coordinate points are accurate but the appearance makes it look bigger. The limitation of coordinate maps and their plotted locations create a distorted image of the land masses.

A longitude/latitude coordinate system has been designed to account for every single square inch of our earth. This latitude part of this system is based on the 0 point, representing the equator, and moving inward. The numbers increase to 90 degrees north which represents the center of our earth.  From the equator starting at 0, and moving outward, the latitude increases until it reaches the very edge at 90 degrees south.

The longitude portion of this coordinate system identifies the location east and west of a certain point, the Prime Meridian.  These points begin at 0 degrees W and proceed along the western area until it reaches 180 degrees W.  The other side starts with 0 degrees E and proceeds up the eastern side until it reaches 180 degrees E.

This is a pin-point accurate system and more information about it can be found here.

It’s important to understand that the Antarctica locations are not located on a continent, but rather an ice-ring around the perimeter of our earth. This is not new information – it’s merely been withheld from us by people who know the earth is flat and stationary.

With the conclusion of this article, I can confidently say the earth, with Antarctica coordinates forming a circle of locations around the earth’s perimeter, is flat. We can now be confident we have a flat earth map and we can dismiss the representation of Antarctica as nothing more than lies to keep us from knowing the actual layout of our flat and stationary earth.

The latitude/longitude data to plot the Antarctic perimeter can be found here:

1 Sanae IV Antarctica -70°17’60.00″ S, -2°21’59.99″ W
2 Queen Maud Land Antarctica -71°23’59.99″ S, -2°30’59.99″ W
3 Neumayer Station III Antarctica -70°39’59.9″S, -8°15’59.4″W
4 Svea Antarctica -74°34’34″S, -11°13’31″W
5 Wasa Antarctica -73°03’S, -13°25’W
6 Halley Research Station Antarctica -75°36′16″ S, -26°12′32″ W
7 Belgrano II Base Antarctica -77°52’26.2″S, -34°37’35.3″W
8 Orcadas Antarctica -60°43.9998′ S, -44°43.9998′ W
9 Marambio Base Antarctica -64°14’27.0″S, -56°37’37.6″W
10 Esperanza Base Antarctica -63°23’53.8″S, -56°59’49.5″W
11 Carlini Base Antarctica -62°14’16.8″S, -58°40’00.8″W
12 Palmer Station Antarctica -64°46’27.1″S, -64°03’07.3″W
13 Vernadsky Antarctica -65°14.72’S, -64°15.40’W
14 San Martín Base Antarctica -68°07’49.0″S, -67°06’12.6″W
15 Rothera Research Station Antarctica -67°33’50.1″S, -68°07’26.0″W
16 Fossil Bluff Antarctica -71°19.76’S, -68°16.02’W
17 Sky Blu Antarctica -74°51.38’S, -71°34.16’W
18 Bharati Antarctica -69°24.41’S, -76°11.72’W
19 Smyley Station Antarctica -72°45’07.6″S, -78°01’09.6″W
20 Ellsworth Antarctica -75°29’59.99″ S, -80°00’0.00″ W
21 Hercules Dome Antarctica -86°S, -105°W
22 Byrd Antarctica -80°01’00″S, -119°32’00″W
23 Marie Byrd Land Antarctica -75°10’58.80″ S, -139°05’60.00″ W
24 Roosevelt Station Antarctica  -79°05’20.9″S, -162°31’53.8″W
25 Troll Station Antarctica -72°00’44.9″S,  2°31’56.5″E
26 Tor Antarctica -71°53’S, 5°09′ E
27 Maitri Antarctica -70°45.95’S, 11°44.15’E
28 Novolazarevskaya Antarctica -70°46.43’S, 11°51.90’E
29 Princess Elizabeth Antarctica -71.9500° S, 23.3473° E
30 Jinnah Antarctica -70°24’S, 25°45’E
31 Syowa / Showa Antarctica -69°00.37’S, 39°35.40’E
32 Dome Fugi Antarctica -77° 19′ 0″ S, 39° 42′ 0″ E
33 S17 Antarctica -69°01.50’S, 40°06.50’E
34 Enderby Land Antarctica -67°30’0.00″ S, 53°00’0.00″ E
35 Kemp Land Antarctica -67°15’60.00″ S, 59°24’59.99″ E
36 Mawson Antarctica -67°35’59.0″S, 62°52’50.7″E
37 Mac Robertson Land Antarctica -70°00’0.00″ S, 65°00’0.00″ E
38 Druzhnaya 4 Antarctica -69°44’S, 73°42’E
39 Progress 2/Law Racovita Antarctica -69°23’S, 76°23’E
40 Zhongshan Antarctica -69°22.27’S, 76°23.22’E
41 Taishan Antarctica -73°51’S, 76°58’E
42 Dome Argus Antarctica -80°21’59.99″ S, 77°20’59.99″ E
43 Davis Antarctica 68°34’36.9″S, 77°58’06.8″E
44 Kaiser Wilhelm II Antarctica -66°47’59.99″ S, 89°10’60.00″ E
45 Queen Mary Antarctica -66°44’59.99″ S, 96°00’0.00″ E
46 Vostok Station Antarctica -78°27’48.2″S, 106°57’17.2″E
47 Wilkes Station Antarctica -66°15’15.36″ S, 110°31’19.31″ E
48 Casey Antarctica -66°16’56.5″S, 110°31’38.7″E
49 Law Dome Antarctica -66°43’59.99″ S, 112°49’59.99″ E
50 Dome Charlie Antarctica -75°05’60.00″ S, 123°20’59.99″ E
51 Concordia Station Antarctica -75°06’02.4″S, 123°21’29.0″E
52 Adelle Antarctica -66°11’60.00″ S, 136°10’60.00″ E
53 Dumont d’Urville Station Antarctica -66°39’47.2″S, 140°00’07.6″E
54 Mid Point Antarctica -75°32.44’S, 145°49.12’E
55 Mario Zucchelli Station Antarctica -74°41’44.0″S, 164°06’07.8″E
56 Jang Bogo Antarctica -74°37’0″S, 164°12’5″E
57 Victoria Antarctica -77°53’59.99″ S, 164°23’59.99″ E
58 Scott Base Antarctica -77°50’59.99″ S, 166°44’59.99″ E
59 Mcmurdo Antarctica -77°50’38.2″S, 166°41’33.3″E

Be assured the above representation of earth (map) is accurate and can be shown to be the actual flat and stationary earth upon which we live. Antarctica is a circle surrounding our earth and not a land mass in the fictional south portion of our earth.  Don’t take my word for it – if you want to check the layout of the land masses using the true and accurate latitude/longitude coordinate system – it’s an accurate representation of the earth we all live on. By all means check the map to see if the coordinate layout is pin-point accurate based on your home. The lies about our earth must stop right now!

If you have any questions, you can direct them to @rokro11 on Twitter or post any questions or comments below.


  1. All locations on earth have a latitude and longitude coordinate. For example, to find the coordinates of Marambio Base, an internet search using the words, “Marambio Base coordinates” will provide several different sources for that location’s coordinates.

    1. If you type “earth” into Google’s search field and press enter you get all kinds of interesting information about our planet;
      It being a globe, the fact that it orbits the sun, the moon orbits the earth, gravity etc.
      Funny how you distrust anything and anyone but accept coordinates listed on some websites as is.

  2. That’s the information you are supposed to get because you are supposed to believe it’s a ball. Just keep letting people tell you what to think and you’ll be perfectly fine. I’m not the one misleading and lying to you but it’s successfully being done. When you freely accept the lies, you are as responsible for the lies as the ones programming you with those lies.

  3. I would like to see a globe earth map of these stations you’ve plotted beside your FE map. I’m wondering if we knew the flight plans, or if they get there from South America or Australia, for the countries that have stations all around Antarctica-if there would be any clues in that info when thinking of Antarctica as the ice wall..?

    1. You are welcome to plot the coordinates on any map you want. The coordinates are all provided for your review and use.

  4. I am confused about Australia. If its about 3,000 miles across and the coordinates are accurate why would it appear so much wider than the United States. I am a flat earthed but that makes no sense.

  5. Thanks for bringing it up that the land masses in the center appear smaller than they actually are and the land masses on the perimeter appear larger than they actually are. If you read the article, that distortion is already mentioned.

    All maps have distortions. If maps didn’t have distortions, the land maps would be as large as the land masses. You’ll mention a perceived width difference from a land feature at the center of the map looks different than a land feature near the edge of the map, but you seem to gloss over the fact that on a globe map, the united states is upright and australia is up-side-down. It’s not just a little wider on a globe map – it’s completely inverted.

  6. I like it, makes sense to me, in a circular way(as we were taught) the latitude lines all start at North, and seeing the stations plotted in Antarctica this way helps with my understanding of why you cant fly fom cape horn to sydney, or cape town or anywhere southern which should be easy on a globe, but just looking at and seeing the silly routes planes take you can’t help but think somethings wrong
    Great work i’m gonna look at more of your stuff

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