Flat Earth Puzzle Rules

A clay penguin sits in front of a puzzle piece. Text reads Flat Earth Puzzle

Twitter Flat Earth Puzzle Rules:

1. You must be a follower of my account on Twitter.

2. You must have at least 25 followers, and your account must be at least 7 days old.

3. You must have Retweeted at least one of my Tweets in the past 7 days prior to puzzle publication date. Retweet of previous weeks puzzle does not qualify.

4. To be eligible as the winner, you must be the FIRST person to reply with the secret unscrambled word/phrase in the comments section of the current weekly puzzle. Please do not post the entire completed puzzle. You will be disqualified.

5. Do not post hints, clues, or answers to any part of the puzzle other than the unscrambled secret word/phrase. You will be disqualified.

6. Winner DOES NOT necessarily need to be a “Flat Earther.” However, if your Tweets/Replies page indicates that you spend a considerable amount of time “trolling” Flat Earthers, you will be disqualified. Note: It is the judge’s discretion as to what is considered trolling.

7. Previous winners must wait 3 weeks before they can be eligible to take part in another contest.

Important Notes To Consider: In an effort to mitigate “trolls” from attempting to sabotage the fun nature of this contest, I must implement/enforce the above rules. Currently the first person to comment with the correct unscrambled “secret” word/phrase will be considered the winner and will receive a custom Flat Earth magnet. The two subsequent participants to post the correct answer will receive a shout-out when I announce the winner. In the event the first person that posts the correct answer is disqualified, the runner-up, or second-runner up, and so on will receive the prize. This is why it’s important to post the answer even if someone else has done so before you. If the winner does not feel comfortable giving me an address to ship the magnet, I will still declare them the winner, and the runner up will receive the prize. Again, this is why it’s important to post the answer even if someone else has done so before you. If the winner does not reside in the United States, I must have a name to be able to mail the magnet. You may give me any name that you would like. The winner will be announced 24 hours after the puzzle has been posted. This gives everyone an opportunity to participate. Please do not DM me or ask in the comments if you have won. I will announce the winner in a Tweet and I will DM the winner letting them know that they have won the prize. At that time, the winner will choose from a selection of magnet designs, or the winner may send me a design of their own and I well oblige (at my discretion).

Thanks for participating in the Flat Earth Puzzle Contest!

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