1. Hi Stacey, I’ve listened to your pod casts and you are a very intelligent person so I can’t believe how you keep on believing in all this flat earth stuff, if youve got enough evidence that the earth is flat why don’t you team up with an international financial backer and sue Nasa and anyone else who says it’s round as you would get billions in compensation but you don’t and won’t so why not ?

    1. She is not just “believing in all this FlatEarth stuff”, she & others of the FE movement are seeking & pouring down the facts & evidence for both the globe deception & FlatEarth reality. Go research for yourself to be sure your own belief system is truth & facts filled, after that, (for your love of sue-ing), you should come back to sue her or me for leading you to reality, or hopefully if grounds have changed, you’ll sue NASA yourself.
      Warm Regards.

      1. I’ve done some research myself in the past as I flew on concorde at 60,000ft and I’ve seen the curve of the earth for myself also there’s flight experience companies where you can go on a on military aircraft and fly on the fringes of the earth and see the round earth for yourself,

    2. Who is going to pay the billion in compensation that you are making-up? The fake round spinning ball, with an unproven tilt and movement is as made-up as the billions in compensation you talk about. The flat earth is reality so keep your made-up things to yourself. Also, you can convince yourself that you think you’ve seen curvature but there is none so either your eyes are tricking you or your mind is.

      1. Stacey,
        Just like you, I’ve been on the flat plane and this will never change. Also, in Florida, but that’s flat too.

      2. You and I both know all images of a round earth are fake. Nothing can get high enough to take an entire-earth image. It’s all part of the deception you freely accept into your life.

        Since it is factual we live on a flat and stationary earth, every-single-photo taken of the earth from the ground, air, or simply the outdoors is a flat earth photo of the earth. I can present the facts and reality, but I can’t make you accept it. Acceptance only comes from you.

  2. Flat earthers always talk about government cover ups ,but why would they have to lie about the shape of the earth to the public ?, it doesn’t matter what shape our planet is as it doesn’t affect anyone’s personal lives whatsoever, you would still be going to work everyday and living your lives exactly the same regardless of shape and even if you travel, airplanes can fly high over everything anyway so it doesn’t matter about the shape, so what are the governments actually covering up ?

    1. Who cares what their motive is to lie? You and I are not those lying about things. You would have to go to the liars to find out what their motive is.

      If your wife is having an affair with 3 other guys the entire time you are married to her but you don’t know about it, what’s the big deal? You would still be going to work and living your life exactly as if she was not having those affairs. If you are ok with people being deceptive to you, that simply means you have low standards and little respect for yourself.

      When we allow those in power to lie to us, that means we accept it and invite being lied to. I don’t accept those lies for one second, but I don’t regulate or manage your deception tolerance.

      1. I know you all think every picture of the Round earth is fake, so when are we going to see a photo of the flat earth?

  3. What about next year when Richard Branson starts his Virgin space flights, all the passengers will be able to see the round earth for themselves and if you also think he’s deceiving them, he’s only a single businessman so why don’t the flat earthers take him to court then

    1. Nothing gets more than about 30 miles or so above our flat earth and that requires high altitude balloons. Rocket and plane limitations are even less. Let’s talk about your fantasy and illusion when you think it has materialized. I don’t talk about fantastical dreams others sell to those like you who want to be lied to.

      I encourage everyone to think on their own and avoid letting others think for you.

  4. The flat earth makes for an interesting discussion. But the globe earth model maps out and predicts future events to the an exact minute, such as when a solar a eclipse will appear and at the exact location. Only when flat earthers can also predict future events based on their flat earth model can they start to be taken seriously. I would love to see the crazy math that flat earthers would have to formulate to show trade winds, flow of tides, seasons and explaining why the Antarctic is light for six months during summer and dark six months during the winter. All of this can easily be explained with the global earth model. If something makes sense then it is most likely the correct. The earth is a globe.

    1. There are predictions but you are making an assumption that the predictions are interrelated and based upon a certain model. That assumption is an assumption until it is no longer an assumption. I contend that the predictions are based on our actual world and is not based on an assumptive model. The actual shape of our earth guides the predictions of the events you so dearly hold as those of the round spinning ball – but that is only based on the assumption the earth is a round spinning ball. If there were proof the earth was round or moving, you would present it. Since the shape has not been confirmed, don’t assume an unproven model is the basis for predictions.

  5. What do you mean the shape is not confirmed, there’s pictures film and live footage on line right now that show it’s round lol.when are we going to see your pictures of the flat earth ?

    1. A magician can conduct tricks in front of a live audience and the entire audience is fooled. If you think you are seeing real images of earth, you are as fooled as all the people in the magician’s audience. I don’t necessarily blame you because tricking people is easy. It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

    2. Predictions have nothing to do with science. For example, if birds fly south during one period of the year and then fly north for another period of the year and this repeats twice a year forever, that is not science, that’s just observing something and knowing it’s going to happen again and again because it happened forever with no variance. Whether birds fly south or north has no bearing on the shape of our earth. Somehow you think predicting something is the necessary event to confirm the shape of the earth. Storms don’t confirm the shape of the earth and warnings of storms don’t confirm the shape of the earth. Those people who get notice of a storm in florida, however, do leave their state which is essentially flat, just like all the water and the rest of the land – other than hills and valleys.

      You are fooled to believe the earth is round that you think the predictions and weather events are determined by a round earth model. Everybody was fooled. It’s those who realize they are being fooled and do something about it that’s important. Continue absorbing the lies and being weak-minded so you can still believe the stories that you’ve been told.

      Because this article is Flat Earth by the Numbers, I will guide you back on track. There is ZERO evidence earth curves or spins; and there are ZERO things that have been to space. The model that has been pushed onto you needs curve and needs things to have gotten to space. Find some proof of curve or things getting to space and when you aren’t successful, you might be able to figure it out. If you want, I’ll review the proof you rely upon to let you know if it’s proof or not.

  6. My argument is simple, good science forms theory that can be supported and verified. Great science can predict future events, this is the ultimate evidence that the science is correct. The globe earth model produces such results. This is true for weather patterns, science predicts the travel of storms and the severity of storms based on a globe earth model. Science predicts tides and level of tides based on the globe earth model. Science predicts El Nino weather patterns based on the globe earth model. Science predicts the moon cycle based on the globe earth model.

    Surly you can agree that the flat earthers would have to formulate an accurate means of calculating and predicting these same natural occurrences for your flat earth model to hold any ounce of credibility. My guess, when the meteorologist warns that a cat 5 hurricane is hitting the Florida coast, people don’t waist their time consulting the flat earthers to get their opinion on which way the storm will travel. They high tail out of there based on information provided by the experts using the globe earth model.

  7. Did you see the two Antarctic explorers on the news today that trekked all the way across and never once came across any any security guards or saw the edge of the earth

    1. You sure are easily fooled. There is absolutely no proof anybody was close to the antarctica, but when people tell you that, you believe it like it’s real. Hahahhahhahaha

  8. Quanta’s have a flight leaving the 31st flying over the south pole, another in January 2019 and then another in February 2019. There are plenty of opportunities for you to take one of these flights. I checked, bookings are still available. Just $1,600 for an isle seat. Love to hear from you after your trip.

    1. Remove the street signs from the northern part of the state of minnesota, the street signs from the provinces and territories in canada, and all signs in alaska. I’ll drive you over 15 hours and I want you to tell me where you are with 100% accuracy. I assure you that your accuracy rate will be zero because I will have taken you to Wyoming and you would have no idea you were there. Hahahhahahahahahhahhahahhahaha Would I fool you? For your own good I would. No flights go to antarctica. Quanta will arrive at a location north of the 60th parallel and tell the people they are in antarctica. Quanta is in on the hoax to control your mind and your prior post has just confirmed that they have succeeded in controlling your mind.

      Remember, this article is about flat earth by the numbers and the numbers support the earth is flat. You are fooled and you refuse to accept you are fooled.

  9. Instead of making false claims on what airlines don’t fly and where they don’t go. Book the flight. Take a compass with you and prove to yourself that you are correct. There are numerous scientists stationed in Antarctic, numerous explorers have been and numerous previous customers have taken the Qantas flight and have comments on line about their trip. I urge you to get off the couch, take the flight yourself and educate yourself on the actual known world, Some conspiracy’s are hard to prove, But which flights do and don’t exist and where they travel to is easy to prove or dis-prove, simply take the flight, pack a chart and compass. Do some research before making outlandish claims.

    If you prove that you have been miss-lead and the plane didn’t cross magnetic south pole as the airline claims, then you get your money back and you’ve lost nothing. If you do cross magnetic south pole, you have just gained knowledge on what the rest of us already know, the earth is a globe. Nothing to loss, just hole to lot to gain.

    1. Compasses prove nothing. Snow and ice look that same at one location as snow and ice looks at other locations. It’s easy to fool people and you are living proof of that. I’ve written and mapped all the stations, bases, and research facilities in antarctica and you can enjoy where there actual locations that contradict the lies you hold dear to your heart. https://flat-earth.blog/2018/06/25/coordinates-dont-lie/

      I have better things to do than to assist a single lost soul such as yourself so don’t feel too bad if I don’t respond to your gullibility again.

  10. I won’t respond again. I recently heard that some people believe the earth to be flat. I didn’t believe that such people in this day in age could exist. I found this web site in my curiosity and thought I would just send something out there to see if this was serious or a joke. You have confirmed that there are people out there that actually believe the earth to be flat. I figured with the large amount of evidence out there it would be impossible for a flat earthers to have a case. But now I understand, you simply dismiss all evidence calling it fake. I will leave you alone to enjoy your goofy flat earth.

    1. Dear Ian,

      Thanks for stopping by. I know the earth is flat, and I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. The only images that exist of the globe are CGI and Photoshop. I really appreciate you checking out my site!

  11. You can also pay to learn how to fly airliners yourself privately so you could then disprove airlines publicly , but I don’t see any flat earthers doing it why?

  12. Dear Stacey,

    I wasn’t going to respond again but your comment requires a response. Nasa states that their photos have been photo shopped, this is part of the honesty of Nasa. Secondly, of course the photos have been altered. The satellites are just outside of the earths orbit, there is no way to fit the earth into the camera lens, if Nasa scaled down to get the earth to fit into the lens then the image would be so small, it would be rendered worthless, there would be no detail. So Nasa takes many small pictures and photo shops them together. This is not a conspiracy or miss-leading, Nasa is completely open and honest about this fact. There is a one photo of the earth taken from Apollo that hasn’t been photo shopped. But lets face it, if flat earthers were taken up in Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin space ship and were all blessed seeing the spender of the globe earth with your own eyes, they would still come back to earth asking how they were tricked.

    I ask one simple task of flat earthers, tell me when and where the next solar eclipse will occur. I can formulate the answer knowing the rotation and orbit of the earth, calculating the orbit of the moon around the earth and then finally calculate the exact time and location when all of these factors line up with the sun. How would a flat earther calculate this?

    Your email to me was very polite and apricated, I hope I haven’t come across to cold in my response.


    1. Dear Ian,

      Our ancestors predicted eclipses accurately for centuries based on the flat earth model. They knew the earth was flat, and the powers that be use the same calculations to predict eclipses now.

      Sincerely, Stacey

  13. Stacey,

    I will agree that our ancestors may have seen patterns and made approximate guesses on when an eclipse may happen, and time to time may have got close with their guesses. But with our current knowledge of the globe earth. Rotation of the earth, earths orbit around the sun and the moons orbit around the earth, our predictions are extremely accurate. The next full eclipse will happen on June 2nd at 12:55 pm, and will be visible from north Chile and North Argentina. I would love to know how the ancients could predict the next solar eclipse with such accuracy. The formula to calculate the eclipse is out there for anyone to test and verify. Once again, how could you calculate the next solar eclipse based on the flat earth model to the same level of accuracy as we do with the globe earth model?

    I have been researching some flat earth stuff, I came across a map of the flat earth. The north pole is in the center of the map and Antarctica makes up the southern perimeter of the disc. I’m from the southern hemisphere, I can assure you that this disc map is wrong. The southern hemisphere distances are off by thousands of miles, the disc map isn’t close to reality.

    Able Tasman (Dutch explorer) navigated the southern oceans in the late 17th century, Then the English, Spanish, and French explored and mapped the southern ocean. Charts were formed by the mid 18th century of the entire southern pacific ocean. The charts weren’t far off from our current charts that we use today. At the latter part of the 18th century, American whalers sailed down the American coast and cut over to New Zealand and Antarctica using the charts of the day.

    Today, private owned boats are sailed all over the southern ocean, private planes and jets are traveling all over the southern ocean, Airliners have direct flights from southern nations to southern nations. Cruise liners are traveling all over the southern ocean. And all of them are using charts showing longitude and latitude lines based off the globe earth.

    This is a big problem for the flat earthers, not only do they have to accuse Nasa of lying, but they would also have to accuse early explorers, the whalers, all airlines flying over the southern oceans and pilots including private pilots, sea captains, passengers on the cruise ships, customers of the airliners, and the thousands of privately owned boats sailing all over the southern oceans. If you do believe that all these folks are participating in some type of grand elaborate cover-up, how could it possibly be covered up for the last three hundred years?

    I would love to hear your response.


  14. Thanks for that Ian, believe me the flat earthers will still say everything was a lie for the last 300 years lol

  15. Keith,

    Thanks mate. You are correct, they will come up with some crazy explanation to explain that everything is a conspiracy. I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with this. But at least Stacey is respectful of our opinions and allows us to comment on her site. That Rokro111 was a little hard to take. Every time he got aggravated he resulted to calling me gullible. He think Rokor111 needs a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word gullible. But then again, everybody is entitled to their opinion, even flat earthers.

    Keeping loving our beautiful globe earth my friend.


  16. Hi Ian, Stacey actually blocked me on twitter which is sad also even yesterday on the news there’s film of apace and the Chinese moon lander landing on the moon and believe me China are not friends with trump and the USA and will definitely not be involved in any globe earth conspiracy (I’m Keith pain on twitter and Facebook as well)

  17. Keith,

    yea, they claim that there is no evidence for the globe earth, people present evidence and then the conversation stops, and they go back to their reticules claims that evidence doesn’t exist. Oh well, their loss. The natural world is far more magnificent than their made up flat world where everybody has to be accused of lying to keep the fallacy going. You would think that if they had to re-invent science and math and history to make their model work, they would realize that their model is wrong, and go back to the globe earth model where everything calculates and makes sense.

    I was going to explain meridians, time zones and the magnetic fields, explain how these natural phenomena’s work and explain that these phenomena’s can only work as they do with a globe earth. Instead, l will spend my time communicating to those that are capable of conversation and rational thought.


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