Are Stars Really Far Away?

When I write how constellations prove earth is stationary, a globe defender usually responds with, “But the stars are really far away.”

I’m not sure how this would enable us to see stars that are behind us. The stars would be on the other side of the globe earth, if we were orbiting the sun.

sun stars 3

But let’s start with the embedded assumption:

Stars are far away. Says who? And why would they say that? Light years and trillions of miles are a hoax to support the idea that the universe is unfathomably huge. They want us to think we are a tiny speck in a vast universe. But there’s no evidence for that. They made up the numbers of the distances to the stars, and globers repeat those numbers without questioning.

When you look up information on constellations and stars, you have to wade through pages of disinformation about how old the star is, and how far away it is. It’s all conjecture at best, and a deliberate lie at worst.

Most of us bought the idea of far-away stars without much thought. But lately telescopic lenses have fallen into the hands of truth-seekers. And we can zoom in on stars.

And when we do, we discover 1) they look like twinkly lights, 2) they are colorful, and 3) they look like electrical energy reflecting through water.

stars nikon p900

The Nikon P900, 1000, and similar cameras with telescopic lenses have brought us a long way towards understanding stars. But even without these images available to us, if we were simply to observe stars with the naked eye, would we think stars are trillions of miles away? The whole idea is absurd. We’ve been told they are far away, through indoctrination, but there’s no evidence to support it.

Stars are lights in the sky, just as they appear to be. Some have investigated whether they are sonoluminescent (activated sound) and/or electromagnetic. What we observe of stars leads us to think they are close, not far.



  1. Star Constellations are viewed differently from different points on the Earth. Not all stars are visible from all positions on the earth at the same time during darkness. The further South one travels the more the night sky will change. Constellations appear upside down in the Southern Hemisphere compared to the Northern Hemisphere, the constellations remain stationary but our prospective of viewing the night sky becomes upside down depending on which Hemisphere that one is viewing the night sky from. This is due to our globe Earth and the stars being very far away.

    1. Thank you for your contribution. Constellations are viewed in reverse from the Northern and Southern latitudes, but to say it’s because of the globe is an assumption. Thanks again for posting!

  2. The Southern Cross and the two stars known as pointers form two lines that can be sighted together that provides a point in the sky providing the direction towards South. The Southern Cross was an instrumental means of navigating the Southern Oceans, so much so that many nations in the Southern Hemisphere incorporated it into their Nations flags. If the Earth was flat then the Southern Cross couldn’t provide a south bearing. On a flat Earth, the Southern Cross would be the Eastern Cross from South Africa and the western Cross from South America. But it is always the Southern Cross from wherever it is viewed in the Southern Hemisphere. The reason? The Southern Cross is a distant cluster of stars that is viewed on the opposite side of our Globe Planet.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The Southern Cross does not prove earth curves or spins. I appreciate your interest in Flat Earth!

  3. Another natural phenomena is the way that stars rotate in the Northern Hemisphere verses the Southern Hemisphere. The night sky rotates Counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and Clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. The sky doesn’t rotate but the Earth does. The reason that the stars are viewed rotating differently in opposite Hemispheres is due to prospective, the opposite Hemisphere orientates your view backwards from the other. Simply put, you are viewing the night sky upside down in the Southern Hemisphere verses the Northern Hemisphere.

    1. Hi hemp, remember the greatest type of ignorance form of ignorance is when reject something you know nothing about. Here is your answer
      Every flat earther is very well informed about “the relion of Space” the least you could do is study what you are up against.

      this video will give you the mindset of a flat earther (a must before you understand)

      then try debunking this video explaining the flat earth

      hope to hear from you

      Namaste 🙂

  4. Okay- you provide two propaganda videos that I am not even going to waist my time replying to. And a glass of water that creates a mirror image when filled with water.

    What on earth are thinking, these videos just cement my opinion that guys are an absolute joke. Provide me with something less comical.

    1. hi, sorry then. we are not trying to convince you. just let us be. you are too brain washed anyways to even have a conversation with you. just google this number “us6506148 b2” brain control is a real thing. or do a deep search on MK Ultra.

      THEY’VE GOT YOU, you are nothing but a NPC (non playable character) in this life because all the believe systems(materialistic, religion, race, countries, government, gender ect) that TV has programmed you.
      sounds crazy to you because sadly you have been told what to think your whole life. i get it, its easier to be told what to think.

      we are living a simulation type of world, that is what they are hiding (the real concept of reality)

      we are always happy to help any soul/consciousnesses that is awake and is willing to think/research for themselves.

      have a beautiful life.

      ps there is dome “firmament” on top of us.

  5. A dome – what heck are talking about?

    I explained the southern cross always shows south. The southern sky rotates opposite to the northern sky and the southern sky appears upside down verses the northern sky.

    All three of these statements can be tested and verified as fact. And all three can only be explained with our current knowledge of a globed planet. Finding reason in the natural world doesn’t make me brainwashed.

    If I acknowledged that these were facts and then I came up with some outrageous claim that they are illusions formed by a glass of water, then yes, I would be brainwashed.

    Crazy people don’t realize that they are crazy, they think that everyone around them are crazy. Brainwashed people think the same way.

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