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Simple Canal Experiment Proves a Flat Earth Curvature of the earth is never factor in by engineers, surveyors and architects when building their projects – which proves the earth is not a globe. Canals, roadways and rail tracts are always laid horizontally. Surveyor T. Westwood wrote in 1896 stated, “In leveling, I work from […]

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  1. Very interesting read. I am already aware it’s both flat & stationary, but it’s always refreshing when someone else provides the facts in their own words. People need to understand they were programmed (hardwired) from birth to think they lived on a spinning ball. People need to take responsibility and think on their own.

    1. from aged two onwards we have ALWAYS been taught what to think and never HOW to think
      the earth is flat and domed with our God above

  2. Just read the canal article and it’s all based on experiments done in the 1890s, why don’t you have any more up to date experiments with today’s cutting edge technology

  3. He made visual observations, visual observations do not account for curved light or mirage. There is an easy experiment that can be set up on the canal. Take the height of your sight from water level. Travel two miles down the canal at set an anchored buoy with post at the same height above the water level as your height of sight, set a third buoy another two miles away with a post at the same height above your line sight. You will never be able to sight the tops of all three of the posts in a straight line, it is not possible due to the earths curve.

    1. It’s not due to the imaginary curvature, it’s based on visual limitations and refraction. The elusive curvature exists only in your mind because it’s been programmed into your mind since birth.

  4. No – read what I said, three posts set at the same height above the level of the water spread out over a distance, then sight through the posts and you will see the earths curve.

    This is a simple experiment that will yield the same results every time. It will always show the earths curve on the posts. You can never sight a straight line across the top of the posts because the earth is curved.

    1. I don’t care what you wrote. Posts don’t show or display any curvature on our flat and stationary earth. You can fool yourself and talk about this imaginary curve all you want. Imaginary curve will never materialize no matter how much you’ve been programmed to think it exists.

      I don’t have time for your nonsense. If you want to do what you keep talking about non-stop and obtain video of it, I will review it to see that you can’t even come close to what you’re imagining. Everything about you is about your imagination or your imaginary curvature.

    1. Hills, mountains and valleys create sloped land. The flat & stationary earth has no curvature, but the land has slopes created by hills, mountains, and valleys. Undisturbed water is always flat.

      Read the article about the canal experiment. Where are the imaginary locks you refer to in the canal? Look at the second to the last paragraph and try to comprehend it when you read it this time.

      One more point because I’m going to ignore any further posts by you relating to this article. Locks move the boat up or down a few feet. I guarantee the locks on some canals don’t collectively drop more than 100 feet up or down yet the imaginary curvature for 100 mile stretch is 6667 feet of drop. Where is all the elusive curvature?

      Fun FACT: The Suez canal is 120 miles long and has absolutely no locks. Where is the elusive curvature?

  5. You will find that the suez canal does bend over a distance, the earth is so large you don’t see the curve over short distances as the canal goes along if you were to use modern equipment (not your 1890 equipment in your canal article) you would see the canal bend down an inch or so in small increments along the 120 miles so the water would still appear flat and the ships going through would not notice or need locks ( also I find it funny you keep on talking about flat earth experiments when I was looking on the ISS channel live feed this morning looking at the round earth for myself, I suggest you also view it lol

    1. Undisturbed water is always flat. Water only bends in your imagination. The Suez canal is over 120 miles with no locks. There is no curvature. If you can’t understand what I just said, let me repeat it – there is no curvature. Curvature is only an imagined phenomenon. Water doesn’t appear flat – it is flat. That’s a distinct property of water: it always finds its level. The iss is mind control for you and it’s working as planned.

      1. One don’t know what he/she is seeing or how he/she is being fooled into thinking the blurry, out-of-focus identifiable thing is something they are programmed to think it is. If one wants to be naive, gullible, and dumb about being fooled, that is there choice. I don’t care if people self-indoctrinate themselves.

    2. please remain logically and intellectually consistent, you say the earth is so large (and round) ergo you will not see curvature over the hundred miles suez canal, but youll be the fist to cry out ooh look, theres a ship going over the horizon , look, its disappearing over the curve! smh smh

  6. Rokro111,

    A gentlemen tweeted you a picture of a blow-up image of a basket ball showing that if you zoom in on the surface of the ball, the ball will appear flat due to scale. You replied back stating that a flat floor would also give the same result. That got me thinking, lets say we built a large round shallow pool and filled it with 1′ of water, then sat models of continents in the pool.

    Now, the bay of Fundy in Novia Scotia has 52′ tides. Lets pretend that our model is at low tide in Novia Scotia. How could you get the water level to raise an inch in your pool to mimic high tide? Remember, you cant just add more water to the pool because you need a lower the water level on the opposite side of the pool to mimic low tide. Of course you can’t, water will allows lay flat in your flat level pool.

    But, if you use the globe idea, having constant gravitational force pushing down towards the earths core, water will be level at all points around the globe, water can then disperse around globe creating high and low tides at exactly the same time at the opposite sides of the globe.

    The globe earth with gravitational down force is the only way that tides can work.

    Now, lets try our post experiment in the Suez canal and you will see that the water in the Suez canal curves with the globe. After all, you cant stand at one end of the canal and see the other end because the other end is around the other side of the earths curve. Keep in mind, the canal does raise up and down due to tide levels.

    1. Find the elusive curvature that doesn’t exist on our earth because it is only an assumed feature. I don’t care about basketballs.

      Tides can only happen on a flat and stationary earth. A ball spinning 1000 mph surface speeds would have no water on the ball what-so-ever. This article is not about tides so your reference to tides is ignored from this point on.

      There is no core – that’s another made-up assumption. The furthest anyone has dug into the earth is about 10 miles. The fictitious core will always be a fictitious thing.

      I ignored the rest of your post because you’re wasting my tim.

  7. I Used to work on cruise ships and I’ve had captain and crew friends in the past and believe me none of those were involved in any conspiracies with governments etc

    1. The subject of this article is not about where you worked, who your friends were, and what you believe. You can’t stop wasting my time.

      1. You know exactly what I mean, you are saying theres no curve or the earth isn’t a globe yet cruise ships travel round the world everyday and lots of people also do world trips and go right the way around the earth and these crew members and captains are not in collusion or conspiracy with anyone, also if you or any other flat earth believers want to bring down the governments and prove that the earth isn’t Round, why don’t you become a pilot/ captain or even a steward/stewardess/ crew mate etc yourselves as I’m sure you’ll get to know of any inside knowledge or any conspiracies etc, then you can show the evidence to the world, but as I suspect, I doubt any of you ever will

  8. This article is about tides, if you bothered to read my entire post, I finished off mentioning the tide in the Suez Canal. The Suez canal changes levels due to tides.

    Please enlighten me –
    How does the flat earth explain tides?
    How does water drop in level on side of your flat earth and raise on the other?

  9. The subject of this article is about canals and how flat they are over long constructs. The title of the article begins with these words, “Simple Canal Experiment….”. The title and the entire content of the post has nothing to do with tides. Maybe your post did but I ignored that since it has nothing to do with this article and its contents. I don’t engage with people who get distracted and can’t focus on the subject of the article.

  10. Rokro111,

    This article also claims that water lays level in the Suez canal, you also made the claim responding to this article that water always finds level. But water fluctuates and changes level in the Suez canal due to tides. The tides don’t just effect the Suez canal but like I previously stated, in The Bay of Fundy, the tides can get up to 52′, theses are the largest tides on earth.

    Tides are a contradiction to this article and to your claims that the oceans have a constant water level.

    Once again – How can you explain tides on your flat earth?

    1. You can hope, dream, and pray that the little bit of fluctuation in water will be enough to account for the missing curvature over 100 miles. Since there are no locks on the suez canal, take your complaints up with someone else because the missing curvature over a 100 miles span is 6667 feet. I don’t make these facts; I merely report them.

  11. Okay – So you agree that the ocean levels fluctuate. So water doesn’t always find level. It is dispersed by force. We are making head way.

    Now – Explain how the water is dispersed on your flat earth. Keep in mind, you have to explain how water raises on side of the flat earth and drops on side at the same time.

    1. I haven’t referred to the word “ocean” once. I’m talking about canals and these canals happen to be made-made and are supposed to have 6667 feet of curvature in 100 miles. These are facts that cannot be ignored – even by those who are willfully ignorant.

      Again, the subject of this thread is about canals which are over 120 miles long that have no curvature present, and not about anything in your post. If you want to know about the principles of fluid dynamics and its properties, look for information regarding that to ease your confusion.

  12. Rokro111,

    Let me help you with your geography. The Suez Canal connects oceans and has a tide, thus changes level.

    Water is moved and shaped by force. This article is based on the false statement that water always finds level. I am trying to explain to you that water doesn’t just find level and that is why this article is false.

    I don’t believe that flat earthers can ever answer the simple question – How do tides work on the flat earth, so lets re-fraise the question,

    What is the force on your flat earth that changes the water level?

    1. Just like usual, your entire post was ignored since it is not about the subject of this article which is about canals that exist on our flat and stationary earth – and it has nothing to do about your continuous distraction about slight changes in water level.

  13. You made a statement on an earlier post that I was wrong, and that only that only the flat earth can explain changing water levels (Tides). Yet, you always state that water has to stay level on your flat earth. These two claims are in contradiction with each other. When I ask you to explain, you simply ignore the question. Okay, more prove that the earth is a globe.

    You also commented that slight water changes having nothing to do with anything. But, I am not talking about slight water changes. I am revering to the Billions of gallons of water being dispersed around our planet every 12 1/2 hours (Tides).

    It is strange that you don’t understand what I’m trying to relay to you, but then I have to remind myself that I am communicating with a person that thinks he lives on flat world.

    1. The subject of this article is about flat canals and has nothing to do with tides. Your comment is again ignored in its entirety.

  14. These folks are completely isolated from reality. It is amusing asking flat earthers simple questions that pretty much anyone can answer, yet flat earthers squirm trying to avoid answering these simple questions.

    Mind you, if everything you believe is wrong, then even simple questions become complicated.

    1. The article is about flat canals that span over 120 miles. Even in 100 miles, there should be 6667 feet of curvature but since there is no curvature, the curvature remains a figment of people’s imagination. The single question that no spinning ball person can answer is – Where is all curvature you’ve been programmed to assume exists?

  15. What do you mean Where’s the proof of the curvature of the earth? Haven’t you been watching the TV this week seeing the Elon musk shuttle reaching the space station along with space and round earth pictures

    1. Propaganda is not proof. It’s not even evidence. It’s more like a gimmick and mind control and it’s working perfectly to influence your mind. My standards require objective and verifiable. If you accept trickery, cgi, cartoons, and manipulation, I have no control over your low level of standards for proof. I ask again – where is the objective and verifiable evidence of the elusive and fabricated curvature?

  16. 6′ above see level gives you 3 miles of view to the waters edge on the horizon. This formula works on all canals, all oceans and all lakes in all directions because our planet is a sphere.

    Once again – The tides prove your claim false. Billions of gallons of water are dispersed around our globe planet every 12 hours due to the moons obit around our globe planet.

    The horizon and tides can only be explained with our globe earth.

    If you disagree with this statement, then explain how the changing water levels (Tides) work on your made up flat world?

    1. “because our planet is a sphere” is a display of 2 obvious assumptions. First, the realm on which we live is a plane, not a planet. If you see flatness all around you, don’t jump to outlandish assumptions that contradict what you observe and see all around you. The other assumption is your use of the term sphere. The only way our flat realm is a sphere is in your mind. Sphere is only a mental state.

      I’ve ignored the rest of your post since the subject of this article is about flat water in flat canals.

    1. Any photo you observe is objective and verifiable proof of our flat earth. The thing is you’ve been programmed to think you see the mysterious curvature where none exists. Don’t continue to let lens barrel distortion, refraction and perspective confuse you.

    2. The subject of this article is about flat canals over 120 miles in length. All condition that exists, such as tides, happen on our flat earth. You and so many have come to imagine it happens on a spinning ball. The subject of this article is not about tides. If you want to talk about tides, create an article about tides and then post your comments and opinions about tides in connection with that article. In the meantime, don’t pollute this article that is about flat canals over 120 miles in length that are completely level.

  17. Rokro111 – I asked you a straight forward question, how does water level change on your flat world – You always squirm out of answering this question.

    We both know why you refuse to answer this question. There is no answer. Tides cant work on your flat world.

    1. Please see the subject of this article. It is about 120 mile flat canals on our flat and stationary earth. Your comments are misplaced and belong associated with an article about tides. If the site administrator sees the off-topic discussion and distraction, she might want to consider simply deleting the off-topic posts. I know not a single post of mine would be considered for that action.

  18. Rokro111 – I am on topic. This article claims that water has a constant level. And for your flat earth delusion to be true, water would have to stay at a constant level.

    Tides are just one of many things that prove the information in this article false. I was going to move into the next points in debunking the Canals prove the flat earth myth, but I cant get you over this first hurdle.

    You can’t explain changing water levels on a flat plane, due to the fact that the water changes levels every 12 hours around our entire planet is prove in itself that your flat world is wrong.

    Our beautiful planet is a globe. Held in orbit around our sun.

    1. I’ve ignored most of your post’s content. I don’t need to explain anything to you. You should look for the explanation where the 6667 feet of missing curvature is over that 100 miles of the essentially flat canal. Don’t let yourself become confused by some minimal details when the obvious requirements of a spinning ball keep smacking you in the face because they are no where to be found. Since you don’t pick up on the obvious, explain to yourself where the 6667 feet of missing curvature is. Either it’s a spinning ball with 6667 feet of curvature or it’s not. Find the 6667 missing feet.

  19. You cant explain anything to me because you don’t know anything.

    You claimed that only the flat earth can explain tides. So explain tides. How do they work on your fake flat earth?

    1. This article is about flat canals and not about tides. If you are looking for tide comments from me, you should be looking within the tide article. This is not the tide article.

  20. Come on – water doesn’t lay level, tides debunk this article and your flat earth delusion.

    Only if water didn’t change level could the flat earth be considered a an alternate theory worth looking into.

    Tides are just one of hundreds of natural occurrences that prove the flat earth fallacy is fake.

    You cant explain changing water levels on your flat earth, It is absolutely impossible, thus proves the earth is a globe.

    1. The subject of this article is about flat canals that are missing over 6667 feet of curvature. If you are looking for the tides article, you are not in the correct area. Look for articles that have tides in the title. This article has canals in the title.

  21. canals aren’t flat, they curve with the curvature of the earth.

    Prove – Suez Canal changes level with tides. Why can’t you understand this – it is simple, the earth is a globe, water curves around the globe and water is moved by the moons orbit around our globe. Only the globe earth can provide answers for changing water levels.

    Simple stuff that everybody can comprehend – Well, apparently everybody except for idiots.

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