1. I first heard about it on Twitter. Of course I thought it was crazy too. Pam Jones for Liberty responded to a comment I made that the earth was not flat and said “Keep an open mind.” Thanks Pam, great advice. And here I am, the earth is flat! Love the blog Stacey!

  2. My steady diet of conspiracy themed videos on YouTube got their algorithm to offer up flat earth videos starting in fall of 2016. I scoffed and laughed. Then I saw B.O.B.’s posts on Twitter. And scoffed and laughed. Then like so many others I set out to find the real evidence for the globe and see what the flat earth people could possibly be talking about. You can assume what happened from there. A serious jolt of truth. Then Cognitive dissonance, followed by relief, joy, and now an ongoing struggle to find the rest of the story.

    1. Wow, Brian, thanks for posting. I had a similar situation…Twitter’s algorithm served up “Earth is flat” on my TL, even though at the time I was mostly on Political Twitter…and now I too have the :
      ” relief, joy, and now an ongoing struggle to find the rest of the story”
      Thanks for ur support on Twitter and for checking out my site!

  3. Is there an explanation as to why my cell phone signal reception varies greatly when I’m traveling in my car, but my “satellite” radio signal never goes out unless there’s an obstruction such as a mountain or tunnel very close to my car? Why aren’t both signals equally strong if they both use towers and satellites aren’t real? I’m not arguing that satellites are real, I just don’t know how satellite radio is explained. Thank you.

  4. I always believed on Life after death and NDE, long story short I heard about it because my brother got in a car accident and “died” for couple of minute and “came back” what he told me blow my mind but yet I didn’t believe him however years after my brother who was an horrible person before became someone absolutely different kind, helpful, carrying and that until today. He had a negative NDE he said he saw the devil and said God gave him a second chance and he will do everything to be forgiven… I read hundred of NDE book both in French and English some new some hundred years old, the only think that didn’t match is that people who went on heaven said they could see the entire planet from heaven under the water (ancient book) and that just didn’t match the globe at all… one day I discover flat earth and the least I could say is that it totally match the NDE.

    To get back to your question I heard about Flat earth from youtube first then read about it and did ton of research. 🙂

    1. Awesome, Paris! It’s so amazing what people experience in their NDEs….one friend saw a demon put chains around him and drag him to hell. He cried out to Jesus for mercy! And God gave him another chance.
      Thanks for sharing your journey. It’s good to see you here from Twitter!

  5. Hello Stacey, I first heard about flat earth from my friend who was into conspiracy theories. I still remember the feeling I had when he told me: it was so totally against all I thought I perceived about the world and our place in the ‘universe’. But because he was my friend, took life seriously, and was in constant search for truth, I watched a video he sent me which seemed quite logical. It wasn’t long before I came to see – both in understanding and literally with my two eyes – that the earth is indeed a plane. Then I started seeing this truth revealed in the Bible, especially from Genesis 1, that God did indeed create this earth flat and that the heavens were stretched out above it, not round it. In fact Genesis 1:1 definitely places the creation of the earth before the sun, so from there the whole heliocentric model, along with big bang, billions of years, evolution, gravity, falls completely. So one thing leads to another. If earth is the center of creation and the sun, moon, stars are local and circle just above the earth, then ‘outer space’ doesn’t exist: so all NASA’s output is brought into question, as is the trustworthiness of the media, education system, political establishment, and science disciplines which propagate NASA’s ‘findings’. Then it’s not long before you wonder what else all these are lying to us about, etc. I’ve often described discovering flat earth as like experiencing an earthquake in the soul, this is how we feel, and when you know it your whole outlook on the world is changed for good.

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