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Strange Landing For An Intercontinental Flight A story that appeared in Yahoo (Click Here) for 21 January, 2019, about a plane that took off from Newark, New Jersey to Hong Kong but had an emergency landing Labrador, Canada. If you look at this map, you’ll see New Jersey and Labrador – this is in just […]

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  1. Why don’t you go on a private airliner flying training course yourself (don’t say your a flat earth believer) and if they then tell you flying is all faked you can then present the evidence to the public

  2. You just told someone to obtain hearsay which doesn’t meet the threshold of evidence. In fact, you are missing the point because flying exists (meaning it is not fake). Evidence must be objective and verifiable and not confused with non-evidence, specifically hearsay.

    1. You know exactly what I mean, go on an airline course yourself and find out if they don’t actually fly round the earth, then present the evidence to the public (of course no flat earthers will do this)

      1. Yeah Stacey, just spend tens of thousands of dollars to train how to fly all because of something we already know lol. Come on, I’m sure you have at least that much laying underneath your bed inside a suitcase!!!

      2. I know exactly what you mean because you said it twice now. You want someone to obtain hearsay evidence (which isn’t evidence) and present it to the world. There are flights that travel between airports all the time. Of course it’s done on a flat and stationary earth, not a spinning ball.

      3. The ironic thing is that every single photo taken outdoors is a flat earth photo because the earth is flat. We were all indoctrinated to believe – without any proof – that the earth was a spinning ball and some of us have figured it out while others have not.

        If you are so interested in photos, why don’t you personally obtain photos of the curvature so the photos you capture can be reviewed?

      4. Anyone can say they have a photo. Share the photo, along with its complete meta data and it will be reviewed. Make sure you provide the boarding ticket that clearly shows which seat you occupied, the flight number, the date, and all other pertinent information.

        I am calling your empty bluff, especially if someone was to obtain curvature, they would be fairly excited and obtain many photos depicting such a wonder, but based on your report, you simply have “one”.

        However, if you personally do have a photo you captured that you believe shows curvature, I will explain to you the physics phenomenon behind why a flat land horizon, viewed through air (atmosplane), may look like it has some curvature to it.

      5. Lacking in everything – just as expected. No photo, no metadata, and no details. Your claim has been justly disregarded as unverifiable and worthless.

      6. Upload your photo, the metadata of that photo, and all other pertinent information to a website you create, or a service that you’ve uploaded it to, and then present that link on this site.

      7. Meta data and lots of photos from concorde can be found on British Airways a air france websites and aircraft sites

      8. Provide the link where you have your personal photo w/its meta data uploaded so that can be reviewed. You appear not to be forthright with your lack of effort to provide the information you claimed you had. Did you have an isle seat or a window seat? From where did you fly and what was your destination?

      9. I had an aisle seat and it was a trip round the south coast of France and up by the bay of biscay, you people are so sad not believing anybody in what they’ve done

      10. I do not represent a group of people – I only represent and speak for myself. Who is the “you people”, to which you made reference?

        Who are “they” as you used in your term “they’ve? I understand we have been talking about your flight on a plane in which you’ve allegedly captured some assumed curvature. You have been presented with ways to get that information to me but so far you have refused. It seems you are attacking the person (me) who is asking for proof of your alleged photo. If you believe you’ve seen curve on a flat horizon, I can explain the phenomenon you think you see so send me the photo and the information associated with it.

        I don’t have time to keep going back and forth so understand if you fail to follow through on your end, my time is limited and I may never respond to you again. It’s nothing personal – I simply have more important things to do than argue with someone who believes he’s seen curvature and the visual is proof the earth is a spinning ball when it’s simply a mirage for lack of a better word.

  3. I’m new to the flat earth family and my comments may have been posted or dismissed previously. If so, I apologies ahead of time.

    Why cant we simply put an end to the globe earth fraud, all of us know the earth is flat so why don’t we finally prove it. There are false flights posted from Quants. They claim to have a direct flights from Saratoga Chile to Sydney Australia, and another from Sydney to Johannesburg South Africa. These flights are expensive, but if we can get to Saratoga we wont have to travel any further because I don’t think these flights exist. We will get our money back and sue the airline for miss-leading information. Quanta’s will settle quickly out of court to save embarrassment. We take this money and travel down to the Antarctica to expose the worlds army guarding the ice wall. Then by private charted jet we fly over the Antarctica in search for the additional territory beyond the ice wall. All of this will have to be done with a cable network in toe to expose the myth. I am betting that a cable network like Discovery of National Geographic will jump onboard thinking that they will expose us as crazy conspiracy theorists, but instead they will expose the government as frauds. I don’t know how to get all of this started. Please let me know how we can gather funds for first part of this plan.

    1. I’m sure if all the flat earthers around the world all chipped in together you could afford to sue the airlines /nasa/and charter planes to see the Antarctic Army etc, but they never have, wonder why?

  4. Daniel,

    Your plan will fail. You can not get to south America. it is not real i have been to Toledo Ohio and looked across the great lakes with my telescope and I did not see Canada. I flew down to Key West and looked south towards cuba with my telescope and I did not see it. I no for a fact that there is nothing south of Florida or nothing north of Ohio. anybody tells you that they have been north or south of USA is liar. I looked through my telescope and there is nothing out there but water and sky.

  5. The sun is local and is only 3,000 miles above the surface of the earth. I can finally prove it. Airplanes fly at 35,000 ft. this is about 3/4 of mile, the planes don’t look any smaller when standing on the ground looking up them as they do when your boarding them, they are about 4″ long. So it makes since that the sun would also appear to be the same size on the ground looking up it as it appears up in the plane looking at it. The is the size of a standard light bulb, about 1 1/2″ in diameter. Case closed, the sun has to be local.

  6. Scientists think they can explain the earths shape and spin by making us confused by explaining complicated things like tectonic plates, magma flows, trade winds, the moons orbit effecting tides, the earths shadow on the moon giving us moon cycles. Mountains disappearing behind the horizon, seasons, earths magnetic fields, the northern and southern lights, twilights zones (differ between the northern and southern hemisphere at opposite seasons), rotation of hurricanes and cyclones are opposite in each hemisphere. The night sky appears to be upside down when viewed from the opposite hemispheres. Not to mention all those smart ass folks that claim they can circle navigate the earth at the exact same distance at 30 degrees longitude south as they do at 30 degrees north longitude. these folks include airlines, container and oil ships, plus private vessels and other liars that make a living running logistics around our planet.

    But science forgets that everything can also be explained by hocus-pocus and magic. We can also accuse folks of lying when questions get to tough. Or ask folks where’s the evidence after they have just giving it to us. There is nothing shameful with walking this planet with our eyes wide shut and mocking people smarter than ourselves.

    Lets all convivence these idiots that our earth is flat once and for all.

  7. I was being sarcastic, an attempt to come across as funny. If I was being misleading, that wasn’t my intention. I have read a lot of rokro111’s stuff on line. The trouble is, he is so one sided and incapable of viewing the world from a different prospective that I think having a conversation with rokro111 would be more frustrating than having a conversation about capitalism with a far left liberal socialist.

    1. Your immaturity has been noted. When one wants to avoid facts and rely on programming one has received since birth, that is what you will have. When you don’t control your thinking, others will do it for you. And you are a prime example of that.

  8. No – I am capable of rational thought. I view the world with open eyes and I am willing to admit when I am wrong. Your entire theory is a mistake, You are simply to blind or pig headed to see your mistakes and the countless of flaws in your theory.

    1. I don’t think with emotions like you. I rely on facts and the facts support the actual earth upon which we all live. We are all flat earthers since we live on a flat and stationary earth. You refuse to accept that because the programming you received since you were born is controlling how you think. It’s not your fault. You have had the lies perpetrate your entire life. If you continue accepting the lies that have created how you think, then you will then have to accept full blame and fault for continuing to be tricked to think you live on a spinning ball.

      When people have been given fair and formal warning but refuse to accept the truth – or make every valid attempt to find the truth, it’s out of my control.

  9. No – I refuse to except that I live on a flat earth because the flat earth doesn’t make since to me. The globe earth does make since to me. I will admit that some of your points stop me in my tracks and you make me think for minute. But others are so far left field that they can’t possibly be taken seriously. There is nothing wrong with objective opinions and opposite view points, even though I don’t believe a word of this flat earth capper, I am drawn back here for some reason, I guess I’m curious.

    1. Do you know what rim (edge) velocity is? When an object is spinning, the object’s outer edge speed (which is the fastest) is the rim velocity. The earth allegedly spins 1000 mph. A 40 foot wide merry-go-round will have to spin 700 rpm to achieve a rim velocity of 1000 mph.

      If you are able to comprehend the comparative rim velocity of the alleged spinning earth and that of the 40 foot wide merry-go-round and the round spinning ball still makes sense to you, the ability to comprehend things escapes you.

      Once a person figures out they have been lied to since they were born about the flat and stationary earth upon which they live, they realize they’ve been forcefully deceived and realize the impossibility of it. Once a flat eather figures this out, he/she will never, ever go back to being the controlled, lied to, naive, gullible person who once thought the earth was a spinning ball. The realization where we actually live and never going back to thinking it’s a spinning ball is called the “ratcheting effect”. Take your time to figure it out because when you do, you can’t go back. Your awareness will not allow it.

      The collective world space agencies – nasa, esa, nsa, cns, isr, jaxa, roscosmos have a renewable, tax-payer funded bank account of $42,000,000,000 per year. This is every-single-year. Not just one. It’s replenished every year. In reality, nasa controls and directs all the spaces agencies. If nasa wants you to think the way they want you to think, they have the resources to control your mind.

      You were likely born after the deception started in the 1950s, so you have been subject to their mind control, manipulation, lies, deception, and fraud your entire life. The moment you were born you probably had a solar system toy above your crib. When you went to school, you were subject to seeing toy earth globes in the classroom. You were “educated”, but it’s really indoctrination about the sun being 93 million miles away. You are “educated” about the solar system that you likely had over your head as a baby. If it was over your head as a baby, why would you even think about questioning it? It’s time to question everything. Your, and all of our minds, were programmed so the spinning ball earth makes sense.

  10. Rim edge velocity – For you rim edge velocity to work the way it does you first need an atmosphere. Rim Edge Velocity is taking place in our outer atmosphere where earths gravity meets space, This is why space crafts produce so much heat when re-entering the earths atmosphere, the friction caused between no atmosphere and the earths gravity. The entire atmosphere is moving at the same speed as the earths crust. We can prove this because planes don’t have to fly any faster east as the do west. Your mention of the merry-go-round works the way it does (Centrifugal force) because of the earths atmosphere and gravity due to the earths rotation.

    Government and agencies – It is apparent that you don’t trust your government or your governing agencies. I don’t know which country your from our why your so distrusting, I guess the government did something to you for you to form such distrust. I don’t have the same view of my government. We have a two party system that works okay. I understand the need for taxation, a country needs to provide education, military security and a police force. A county couldn’t succeed without good infrastructure. There is of course government waist of funds but I don’t have an alternative to government, all I can do is applaud my elected officials when they do a good job and talk ill of them to anyone that will listen when they don’t do a good job, and do my part to vote them in or out of office.

    I will tell you, when you mention agencies lie and have deceived us from birth, it makes you sound like a bad tempered conspiracy theorist. I think it makes sound foolish and not trust worthy, you may want to tone that down a notch if you want your opinions to be taken seriously.

    1. RokRo is from the States, I’m from near London England, you touched on a good point about flat earthers distrusting the government,( forgetting about what shape the earth is its irrelevant in this question) I’m asking them all ‘what have the government done to you personally for you to hate and distrust the apart from the flat earth situation?

      1. Nobody knows in which country I live. I don’t provide personal identifying information. I may comment on things in one part of the world one day and then comment on another situation in another part of the world another day. Provide your evidence, with no assumptions, where I may or may not live. Remember, assumptions are worthless.

      2. It doesn’t matter if you are from America, I love America and have been to florida, New York and Las Vegas

      3. It doesn’t matter where I’m from and it never will. I don’t care where you’ve been or which areas you like. That is of absolutely no interest to me.

    2. Read this again, again, and again, until you comprehend it:

      Because of Airy’s failure which confirmed the aether moves, Michelson/Morley created an experiment to confirm the earth was in motion in lock-step with the moving aether.

      Michelson proposed a theory that the aether was attached to the earth and that’s why his and Morley’s experiment ended with a negative result. Later, he opined his negative result was because part of the aether was attached to and, moved with, the earth.

      Between the 1881 and 1887, H. A. Lorentz conducted experiments involving the moving glass and the glass at rest which confirmed the aether was not attached to earth. (The Michelson theory proposal about earth being attached to the aether was dismantled nearly as quickly as it was suggested.)

      In 1925, Michelson and Henry Gale completed what is called the Michelson/Gale experiment. Their experiment concluded the aether is not attached to the earth, which is consistent with the Lorentz experiments.

      When you can grasp that Airy opined that part of the aether was stuck to the earth, you can continue reading. Lorentz dismantled Airy’s opinion nearly as soon as Airy made that assumption. MIchelson and another person, Gale, tried to prove part of the aether (air) moved with the earth in 1925. The confirmed the earth and all parts of the aether (are) are independent of each others. Realize George Sagnac came up with the same findings. The aether (air) is not connected to the earth no matter what you say or others tell you.

      In summary, I’ve ignored the part of your post about the earth and air moving together because you made the statement that part of the aether (air) is stuck to the earth despite the 2 being proven completely independent of each other over and over again.

      The subject of this thread is not about politics so the rest of your post was ignored.

      1. Read this again, again, and again, until you comprehend it (it’s only 7 words so even you should be able to):

        There is NO SUCH THING as AETHER.

  11. Rokro111 – I agree with you whole heartily, your country of origin has no bearing on our conversation. I didn’t disclose my country of origin and most certainly wouldn’t expect you to. The reason I discussed government is to counter your claims that for some reason NASA’s government funding has something to do with your believe that the earth is flat. I don’t see the connection, and I don’t care how much US tax dollars goes towards funding a government operated scientific organization. I have no way of verifying the US budget and I have no way of knowing how much money is required to operate a space program like NASA. I would be equally happy to keep politics and religion out of our conversation. After all, as you stated, this is a discussion of shape of our natural world.

    You mentioned that there is evidence that the earths atmosphere operates independently from the earth. I believe the opposite to be true. This is a conversation that I would love to sink my teeth into. Please provide a link to information so I can study your view point before I respond.

    Please note: My comments against the flat earth are not as polished or as fact based as many others that respond to you, part of the reason, I want my opinions to be my own. I believe if I over researched, I would be in danger of simply repeating someone else’s words. If we move deeper into conversations that I don’t have much knowledge of, I will have to research facts, I will do my best to keep my comments as raw and natural as I can. After all, I want all of my opinions to be my own.


    1. You don’t believe the opposite is true – you have been tricked to believe the opposite is true. I don’t provide links. I don’t enable people to be lazy. If you want to figure out the lies you’ve let yourself believe, look into H.A. Lorentz, Michelson, Gale, and Sagnac. Some of these people worked together to arrive at their findings.

      I’ve already mentioned these people and their findings many times. If you haven’t figured it out, re-read what I’ve posted previously. The information is all there. If you need to dig deeper, dig deeper. However, in the future, don’t ever present your laziness to me and ask me to provide a link. If I don’t voluntarily provide a link in my posts, I will never, ever provide a link because someone is too lazy to do their own research.

  12. Rokro111 – I am not the one making outlandish claims. You say I’ve been brainwashed from birth by NASA. You owe me prove. I know the earth is a globe and I know that the atmosphere moves with the earth. I gave you my evidence, friction effects the space craft on re-entry. This fraction can only occur if there is negative gravity in outer space and positive gravity on earth. Also, you mentioned the merry-go-round spinning fast and have rim velocity. As I mentioned, centrifugal force works the way it does because of gravity. Gravity is a natural product produced from the earths rotation. I cant believe I have tell you this, this is simple science that everybody knows, well… apparently everybody except for you.

    If you have an alternative theory that can produce the same results, please provide the information. I am getting tired of this circular debate. I need you to produce some new information so we can move forward from the same old argument. I can’t find the information because this is the only garbage flat earth web site I’m ever going to research.

    Example – you provided photos of the globe earth with a disclaimer on the base. I own five globes, non of which have the disclaimer. The photos you presented are fake, the disclaimer isn’t real, so how would I know to search the web looking for it. You know a lot of flat earthers, you have inside information where this garbage exists on the web. Honestly, I don’t know where to start searching for fake information. I need you as my flat earther insider to give me direction.

    1. I don’t owe anybody, or you, proof. Gravity is made-up and has been fake for over 337 years – it’s still called the theory of gravity (which is a scientific guess). Density/buoyancy are laws. What’s going on with things that are pushed down and up is density differential. Since you still believe in the story about gravity, I won’t even waste my time trying to explain how and why things move both up AND down. You can hold tightly to your story about why things move only downward while ignoring all things that are pushed up.

      You said everybody knows it. In simple language, if everybody knows something and it’s wrong – it’s still wrong. Facts are not a popularity content so I don’t care how many people believes the lies.

      I’ve ignored the rest of your post because I don’t care about your beliefs, opinions, and programming.

  13. Typical – A lot of noise and no prove. By the way, all science is theory, it has to taught as theory so it can be revised or debunked if new evidence comes to light, the shear fact that’s is referred to as theory is the soul reason science can be trusted. If it was described as fact then it would be untrustworthy.

    You claim things as fact with no evidence. You are the opposite of science. Untrustworthy

    1. Yet you hold onto gravity as if it’s real. It’s been replaced by density differential. If you would like to present a more dense thing above a less dense thing that has no density differential, you are welcome to do that but you won’t have a single case, situation, or example. That’s because density differential accounts for movement both up AND down, and at a calculated movement rate of 9.8 m/s/s, only to be slowed by the fluid medium the thing is within. I know this way over your head, but I don’t care. It’s your responsibility to keep up.

  14. Are referring to gravity being the natural force down and items that are lighter than air as the force up? How do you account for the downward force, if its not gravity?

    1. Try to pay attention. The difference between the densities of things is what causes density differential. Simply stated, density differential, for example, is colder air above warm air. There is a density differential in that the cold air needs to align below the warm air to achieve density equilibrium. The force is the difference between the 2 densities and that equates to a force, which precipitates movement. The force causes the warm air to move below the cold air until there is density equilibrium. The rate is 9.8 m/s/s and slowed down by the fluid medium the air moves through which is air.

  15. I think you have missed something. The air at sea level is more dens than the air in the upper atmosphere. Prove, toy balloons fill of helium can’t climb any higher than 6 miles. Why, the air around the balloon becomes lighter and the balloon can’t get any higher (Helium matches density of the surrounding air). Weather balloons, built out of stronger materials can travel higher, they can get to height of around 18 miles. This seems high, but when you consider the earths atmosphere is 300 miles thick, 18 miles to get into air to light for the balloon to keep climbing, it doesn’t seem very high at all. And of course, balloons don’t float up into outer space proving atmosphere gets lighter the higher you go.

    If your theory was correct, hot air balloons would float up forever. But because gravity compresses air, the pressure is greater near the surface of the earth. Terminal velocity (The max speed something travels when dropped) fluctuates depending on high up into the atmosphere its dropped from. Travel of speed will increase while it drops unit it hits terminal velocity. Different items depending on mass (not weight) fall at different speeds. The reason, the greater the mass the greater the surface area, so more gravitational force is pushing the object down towards the ground.

    1. If you think I missed something, then you are not thinking. I don’t miss things. I know more about density differential and how gravity tried to take credit for what density differential is and does. In fact, there may be only a handful of people who may know the density differential details more than I do, and that’s giving some of those people the benefit of the doubt.

      I’ve ignored the rest of your post.

      1. Considering that “”Density Differential” seems to a be a phrase you made up rather than an actual concept in physics that doesn’t mean much.

  16. If you ignored the rest of my post, you missed my point.

    I mentioned terminal velocity. Larger mass falls faster than smaller mass due to gravitational force on surface area. Larger mass reaches a higher terminal velocity. Due to the effects of gravity, items cant keep picking up speeds when dropped, things can only fall as fast as gravity has on the surface area.

    Density of air counts for lighter than air up lift, but has nothing to do with downward force. 100% of downward force is due to the effects of gravity.

      1. Stacey, if I could take every single one of sammy’s posts and multiply them by 80, your single post with the word “epic” would have a million times more substance than sammy’s collective posts multiplied by 80. These are simply facts – that’s what I deal with.

  17. Well that was a dumb article you linked to.
    Christian Flat Earth Ministry said:
    “If you look at this map, you’ll see New Jersey and Labrador – this is in just the opposite direction they should be flying IF the earth was a globe.”

    And to demonstrate that you show a picture of a FLAT map. Didn’t think that through did you? The article says that the flight was from New York to Hong Kong over the arctic. If you look at a GLOBE (rather than a 2d map) you will see it makes perfect sense to fly over Labrador along that route.

  18. So Rokro111, you are a self acclaimed expert in the science of Density Differential. Perhaps you could print the letters PHD on a bar napkin and claim that you are a doctor in the field as well. Now that you are explaining Density Differential to folks on the internet, perhaps you could also claim that you are a professor in the field of Density Differential. I will not be calling you Dr. Rokro111. But, I bet your fellow flat earthers would.

    Did you read an article on line called Density Differential, Perhaps you read it twice, and now you are the worlds leading authority on the science of Density Differential. A scientific break through so brilliant that it works completely different than the actual laws of physics. A science so great that only three people on earth believe in it.

    Keep up the good work – spread the word that Gravity is fake and that you personally have the breakthrough to prove it. I see Cambridge or Harvard in your future.

  19. I think you finally got it. The earth is globe. Welcome back to reality. It was a rough ride, but I knew you could see the light in end of the dark, cold and nasty flat earth tunnel. Welcome back.

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